Sunday 21 October 2012

Mr Hood, We're Needed

One of the most gratifying things about writing a book is getting feedback.

Okay, wait a minute, to be completely honest the most gratifying thing about writing a book is getting lots of money and sitting in your villa in Tuscany watching the rich colours of the sunset with a glass of vintage wine in your hand and the super model of your choice at your side.

But while you’re waiting for all that, one of the other gratifying things is getting feedback about your books.
Especially when it's perceptive.

Especially when it surprises you.

When I wrote my second Rupert Hood spy thriller, Event Driven, everyone agreed that it was a big improvement on the first. That was good to hear — certainly a lot better than the opposite.

But now that there are two books in the series, people are beginning to see patterns emerge.

To celebrate delivery of the manuscript I had a drink with my publisher Matt Lynn at the Frontline Club. He grinned at me and said, “Do you know what these stories remind me of? The Avengers. Not the American movie. The vintage Brit TV series.”

I hadn’t thought of this, but he was right. And I was delighted.

Because I loved The Avengers. Particularly the brilliant Diana Rigg/Emma Peel era.

Then, just after the book was published my friend the writer Keith Temple read it (and reviewed it on Amazon) and made the same connection with The Avengers.

Nothing could make me happier.

Rupert Hood is in distinguished company.

And, if the series continues, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

To quote John Steed, “Mrs Peel, we’re needed.” 

You certainly are. We need fast-moving thrillers peopled with engaging characters, drawn from the world of espionage, with an edge of fantasy and humour.

You’re needed now more than ever.

(PS: Since the geniuses at Google have redesigned Blogger it is now seems to be physically impossible to attach links to images, so thank you to the following sites who provided the images here: the wonderfully named Starlet Showcase, and Die Bilderwumme who created the lovely colour pic of Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg.)


  1. Interesting, I'll look for your books in our local Waterstones. Meanwhile, here's how to include links from images. You have to go to the html tab an replace the link after <a href=
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  2. This might help with your Image Linking issue:

  3. Glad to see that you like The Avengers.
    I am glad that I came across your blog as I thoroughly enjoy reading it.

  4. We need fast-moving thrillers peopled with engaging characters, drawn from the world of espionage, with an edge of fantasy and humour.

    Very true. I couldn't agree more. I have often thought that.

    It's heartening to see that you like cats too.

    Incidentally, I have just left a comment underneath your review of the latest Bond movie. I thought that you might be interested.

    Best regards.